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The “SmArt Art Products” Paint Brush Holder’s webbed design reduces fatigue by conveniently holding your brushes for you. The innovative design allows you to place brushes at whatever angle you desire, thus keeping the tips from touching.

The “SmArt Art Products” Paint Brush Holder comes in 2 versions

The SmArt Art Products” Jumbo Clip-on Brush Holder for Easels or Table Tops is a brilliant tool for holding your paint brushes. You simply clip it on your easel or table top and swivel the holder to any convenient, easy to reach angle.

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The SmArt Art Products” Clip-on Brush Holder for Palettes is an ingenious little tool that you simply clip on the edge of your palette, which conveniently holds your paint brushes.

A Rowan University Art Student recently proclaimed,
“This is the best idea EVER !”